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  • Until the end of the month about 65 persons are registered as temporaly refugees from region of crisis at the Northern part of Macedonia, said officials at Red cross organization - Kocani. Mainly, they are coming from Tetovo region, but also some villages around Kumanovo were left by refugees. Local Red cross organization ensured them with some food and blankets as a help at the beginning.

  • May

  • XXXVII National Amateur's Theatre Festival (DAF) took place this month in Kocani. Even the political situation is not stable, this festival gather the best troops in the country at one place. The audience had possibilities to see 14 performances. Grand prix "Vasil Kortosev" won Theatre Scene 57 from Skopje acting Goran Stefanovski's text "Tattooed souls".

  • With the support of German foundation "Konrad Adenauer", the local government of Kocani organized city festival called "Opportunities market". With more than 300 participiants it was meritorious celebrating of 2001 as Year of volunteerism. The point of the festival was to activate citizen's initiative for common interest. It was nice possibility to see a lot of people from Kocani, well known or unknown, showing their knowledge and abilities. Also, by collecting some money with donations and selling handmade goods, the aim of the festival is to bulid few new children playgrounds.

  • March

  • Low quantity of accumulated water in artificial lake "Kalimanci", produce changings at sowing plan for the rice production. Namely, water reserve at this moment shows that former expectations for about 53 millions cubic metre were too optimistic. With only 12,5 millions cubic metre now possibilities for rice production are decreased. Instead of 2.691 hectare riceproducers will sowing just 238 hectare. Expectations are this drastic decreasing will cause higher price of rice next year.

  • Local Red cross organization informed that war operations in western part of Macedonia at the beginning of the month caused 119 persons registered as a refugees from Tetovo and surrounding. All of them are ethnic Macedonians, afraid of situation getting worse. They are temporaly settled at their relatives houses in Kocani, Orizari and Podlog.

  • February

  • A promotion of Konrad Adenauer Foundation was a good chance to introduce people of Kocani into project which is aimed at our town. Cooperating with the local government and mayor of Kocani, this Foundation brings a festival named "Market of possibilities", which is a part of the project. The basic intention of the Festival is entertainment, recreation and better cooperation among citizens and growing the idea of collective responsibility against natural surrounding. Festival will take place at Kocani market center at the end of May.

  • January

  • At the beginning of this month the building of the Agency for agricultural development in Kocani was destroyed by fire. Short electrical contact produced a sparkle which later damaged complete equipment and inventory. As officials said, the amount of whole damage is about 50.000 US dollars.
  • 2000


  • The exhibition "Brussels Eureka 2000" in Bruxelles, Belgium, was a place where the main agricultural product from area of Kocani (the rice), got an important acknowledgement. Namely, "Kocani rice" win the Gold medal for quality. Also, this product acquired an Certificate for trade-mark of origin from the Bureau for industrial property protection. That means, finally "Kocani rice" as a trade-mark got an international acknowledgement for its particular quality and geographic origin.

  • November

  • Radio television of Kocani took parts on 25th Days of Macedonian radio 2000 at Bitola. That was a contest for all 29 public local radio and TV stations in Macedonia, with few categories. Television of Kocani catch a first prize for best issue at the category of documentary programmes.

  • Radio Kocani celebrated its jubilee, 45 years of existing. 29th of November, 1955 is the date when broadcasting of programme started. Few enthusiasts brought a small MW radio transimitter with power of about 150 watt, covering an area of the eastern part of Macedonia. After that period, generations of journalists and technicians passed through the different kind of programmes. Many of them were present at a celebration organized this month because of the jubilee and Mr. Serafim Serafimov, the manager of Radiotelevision of Kocani, express his acknowledgement for their contribution.

  • October

  • Local organization of Red cross from Kocani made an Agreement for cooperation with similar one from Backa Topola, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Speaking at the ceremony of signing the mayor of Kocani said this act could be a basis for further cultural and economic cooperation between these two communes.

  • September

  • Mr. Peter Chang, the Ambassador of The Republic of China (Taiwan) has visited Kocani at the end of the month. During his stay here, he had a meeting with owners and managers of some local companies. Also, he visited one part of the kindergarten which is still at the phase of building and the object of children's hostel at the mountain Osogovo. These two objects are restored with the financial donation of the Government of the Republic of China and complete investment is more than 150.000 $.

  • Communal elections were actuel this month all around the country. New mayor of the city of Kocani is Mr. Ljubomir Janev. New Council of the commune is composed with 19 counsillors, 11 from opposite coalition (SDSM, LDP, LD and SPM) and 8 from Government's coalition (VMRO-DPMNE and DA).
  • 1999


  • Accordingly to the situation with refugees in Macedonia, International federation of Red cross and Red crescent societies has efforts to improve their living conditions and to help them giving some humanitarian support. Mr. Yasutaka Kato, field delegate of this federation, visit the region of Kocani and refugee's families with intention to get informations about their status and needs. The last information from local organization of Red cross is that 35 persons with refugee status are registered in Kocani. All of them are situated in houses.
  • April

  • Official statement from local organization of Red cross is that until now (22th of April) in Kocani are 29 registered persons from FR Yugoslavia, with a status of humanitarian insurance.

  • At the press meeting which took place at AD "RUEN", General manager Mr. Jordan Srebrenov informed that from the crisis at Kosovo and Yugoslavia at all, this company lost more than 17 millions $ at the start. Direct damage of whole colaboration with Yugoslav companies is rather higher, if we take a fact that "RUEN" has its own tools and spare parts like direct investments there. The point now is to find other markets and to resolve higher transport costs.

  • March

  • Accordingly to the Year's plan for agricultural production, at the region of Kocani this season will be about 2.500 ha planted with rice.

  • NATO's strike against Yugoslavia made some disturbances among people of Kocani, too. Even the situation here is still quiet, people are afraid of possible consequences for the Republic of Macedonia. There is lightly pressure at petrol pumps and food shops and demand is higher for about 30% than normal, officials said. However, gasoline, food and electricity reserves are quite enough for a longer period and there is not a reason for panic.

  • KJP "Vodovod" from Kocani and ARGE "Geothermie Mazedonien" from Linz, Austria, were organizators of The International geothermal workshop, taking place in Kocani at 16th and 17th of March. This meeting of all participants included at researching and development of geothermal systems in Macedonia was a starting point from collaboration of these two companies. Questions about optimization and future aspects for the reorganization and extension of the integrated geothermal system "Geotherma" in Kocani were main points of discussion. Also, possibilities for Austrian/Macedonian collaboration for development of environment friendly energy technologies were actuel and a great interest was shown from both sides. Among guests on this workshop were representatives of Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia, Austrian Ambassador in Macedonia and monitoring consultants from "Kommunalkredit"-Vienna, Austria.

  • Questions about rice producing and offering were actuel on the last session of Association of rice producers and traders. After one month a new rice producing season will begin and the quantity of water for irrigation system is quiet enough for normal activities. But the problem are high producing costs, which makes Macedonian rice to be non-attractive for export because of its price (more than 0,50$ per kilo). The last conclusion of this session is that costs in relation with rice production (chemicals, ground preparing, water costs, seeds, etc.) must be lower and Government must give some influence on it. The Council of Association decide Mr. Vasilije Kladorabski, manager of AD "Zito Oriz", to be a new President of it.

  • February

  • Accordingly to changes at Macedonian Government, changes were expected to all leading Government's positions. Although these changes were expressed as a step of insurance and loyalty, at community of Kocani they are still not a reality. It means, nobody (except the Manager of local unit of electricity supply) is changed, yet. At the interview for RTV Kocani, coordinators of local organizations of leading parties VMRO-DPMNE and DA, said that changes are expected until the beginning of the next month.

  • First two weeks of this month is a period of an action for children's care. That is a project of local Social centers in all country with intention to give normal living conditions for children without parents or who live in families with social problems.

  • Questions about local infrastructure were actuel on 18th session of community Council.

  • In the action of local police and special agents of Macedonian army, a channel of weapon smugllers was broken. At the region of the border with Bulgaria an illegal group was arrested in attemption to sell 10 automate guns (stolen last year from Army's magazines in Tetovo and Skopje) and small quantity of drugs.

  • January

  • One of the biggest companies in this region, AD "RUEN" at January, 1999 got the international quality standard - ISO 9002. Provider of this competative document is "BVQI" from UK.

  • DOO "Nova Trgovija" (trading company) last year jumped into financial bancrot. That was a reason for trying to find a way for resolving the situation. Financial manager Vanco Gorgiev decide to sell a large part of company's buildings and shops. The auction was halve successful, about 35% of whole amount was incomed.

  • A building of AD ZIK "Kocansko Pole" (agricultural company) was destroyed by fire. Officials said that about 32.000 kilos of cow's food were lost. Whole value of this accident is about 10.000$.
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